Member: National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)  since 2004

NWFA: Certified Installation Professional License#433809 Certified: Sand & Finish Professional License#518909

NWFA: Expert Installation Certified 10/2009 

NWFA: Expert Sand & Finish Certified 10/2009

NWFA: Craftsman Degree Awarded 03/2010

Bona US School Cert. 10/2004, 01/2005, 09/2005, 01/2007, 11/2008, 2/3/2012

Armstrong Certified: 10/2001, 9/2005 

Custom Wood Floor School Decorative Flooring 09/2007

Experience: 29 years in the flooring industry and specializes in Hardwood flooring.

Ken Kephart believes in the power of education and continues to expand his knowledge within the flooring industry.

Certified, Licensed, and Insured.


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Please note all pictures on this site  and  within this Gallery were installed or refinished by Kephart's Custom Floor Covering Inc.Thank you for visiting! 

This is a Prefinished engineered  Red Oak hardwood floor glued direct to concrete with a Brazilian Cherry  border inlay. Installed by Kephart's Custom Floor Covering Inc.

This hardwood floor was flooded. We replaced the Dinning room. Added a custom border using Brazilian Cherry and Ash to enhance the timeless beauty of the floor. Then sanded and refinished the rest of floors. 

This is a prefinished hardwood floor, glued directly  to the concrete. the species are Hickory and Anitque Heart pine. The custom flooring was fabricated and  installed March 2010 by Kephart's Custom Floor Covering Inc. 

Approximately 2700 square feet of Brazilian cherry (unfinished engineered) with a double Maple inlay. to enhanced the appeal of the foyer a custom made Captiva border was installed.
This beautiful Church is located in Lake City, Florida.
Lake City Seventh Day Adventist Church. Visitors are welcome!

This Beautful platform was created using Unfinished Maple and Walnut (solid) hardwood flooring, we Installed, and Sand & Finished it with Bona U.S. Traffic (semi-gloss) waterborne finish.

The Red Oak spiral staircase was carpeted three times.We stripped the carpet, padding, tackstrip, nails and staples. Then we completely sanded and refinished the intire staircase.

This is a prefinished engineered  wild pecan hardwood  floor. We glued it  direct to the concrete. The last picture, the pecan is inlayed in slate.

This beautiful floor is a  prefinished engineered Bamboo. That we  glued direct to the concrete .

This Canterbury Parquet was Sand & Finished using Bona Kemi Mega (gloss) finish. We custom repaired excessive spaces due to concrete expansion.  

This is Character grade solid Red Oak that we sand and finished.

This is a solid select Red Oak that we installed and stained with nutmeg.

This beautiful Maple floor  shows how we fill the small cracks before the final sanding.

To create this stunning  floor.We stained this ( solid ) red oak with cherry. And used a satin finish to bring out the natural beauty.

This awesome hardwood floor is a prefinished  engineered  Tigerwood that is glued direct to a concrete sub- floor.

The final touch is key to customer satisfaction.

This hardwood floor is prefinish brazilian cherry.
Red oak sand finished
Red Oak stained nutmeg and finished.


This floor is Red Oak character grade. That we sand and finished at U.F. sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.

This is a 45 year old Oak Parquet, sanded and refinished.

Here we have before and After shots of Purple Heart (solid) hardwood flooring. That we  sanded and finished using Bona Kemi Trafic ( satin ) finish.                                                                                                         

This Pattern Plus 2000  red oak hardwood floor was manufactured by Hartco. Here we show the filler being sanded, and the finished product.

This is a 60 year old hearing bone parquet
restored and sanded and refinished.

This is a White Oak floor
that was installed and sand and finished.

100 years old,Heart Pine
 before,What a mess!

Same floor after it was sanded and refinished.

Refinish your hardwood floors without the dust and toxic fumes!

Atomic 110 Dust Containment System: The most advanced dust containment systems for hardwood floor sanding and refinishing.

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